Alterations FAQ's

Alterations should be started at least 3-5 months prior to your wedding date. Any alterations started two months or later from your wedding date will incur a rush fee. Please keep in mind that alteration appointments should be booked in advance, as appointments are limited and we are not able to accommodate alterations for ALL brides due to availability. We recommend researching a backup option in the event that you do not book your fittings in time and we are not able to provide alterations for you.

In order to properly alter your gown to fit you, you will need approximately THREE fitting appointments but can need more or less depending on your individual situation. If you are intentionally making a change to your measurements, please keep in mind that you should be at a maintainable set of measurements when you come in for your first fitting to avoid extending the alterations process. If additional alterations are needed, additional costs will apply accordingly. Appointments are available 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm on the hour, pending availability. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect during each appointment:



  • Meet with seamstress
  • Pin basic fit alterations or more (hem – must bring shoes, sides, straps, etc)
  • Pay 50% of alteration costs on items being worked on


  • Assess previous alteration work completed
  • Meet with seamstress
  • Make any additional changes needed/desired
  • Pay 50% of any additional alteration costs for new items


  • Assess previous alteration work completed
  • Pay any remaining balances
  • Take dress home (if no additional work is necessary)

The cost for your alterations will vary depending on how your dress fits you, how you want it to fit, as well as any change in measurements that occurs after your order has been placed. Alteration costs cannot be determined until we see you in your dress, not the sample dress. Please keep in mind that the cost of your gown does not determine the cost of your alterations. Alteration costs are based upon the amount of time that is being put into any given adjustment. Here is a quick reference on what to expect for alterations. These costs are estimates and will range based on which alterations are needed:

Minimal Adjustments: For example, you only have a few small fit-related tweaks to make to your gown. Expect to pay between $400 and $600+ in alterations, depending on the detailing and construction of your gown.

Average Adjustments: For example, you need all or most of the basic fit-related alterations. Expect to pay between $600 and $800+ in alterations, depending on the detailing and construction of your gown.

Extensive Adjustments: For example, you need to make all the basic fit-related alterations plus you prefer to add a few more intricate fit-related changes. Expect to pay between $800 – $1100+, depending on the detailing and construction of your gown.

Custom Modifications: Custom modifications vary widely and are difficult to estimate. Please meet with a member of our team to get a better idea of what costs are associated with your gowns modifications. For a more detailed look at alterations costs, please read below. For a more detailed look at alterations costs, please read below.

Basic Fit Alterations


Basic fit-related alterations are the items that most brides will need done to their dress. When your gown is ordered, is it often ordered in a size that fits one part of the body and must be altered to fit the rest of the body. For example, a bride who is measuring into a size 8 in her bust and waist, but measuring a size 10 in her hips is recommended to purchase the size 10. This is to ensure that the gown fits her hips and isn’t too snug. These basic fit-related alterations will make her gown fit well, but will likely not result in a couture fit, which allows the dress to contour the entire body perfectly. Here are the basic fit-related alterations and the typical cost* to alter: Hemming – Adjustment to the length of a gown. This typically involves removing any lace or beading at the edge of the gown, adjusting the length, and reattaching all lace and beading previously removed. Hemming costs can range anywhere from $250 to $400, depending on the amount and type of detailing and construction.


Side Seams – Taking in or letting out the sides in the Bust, Waist, and/or Hips region. A similar process to hemming, any lace or beading overlapping the side seam is lifted, gown width is adjusted, and lace and beading must be reapplied. This is a delicate process and costs associated with adjusting the side seams can range anywhere from $250 – $375.


Straps – Adjusting the length of your straps. Generally, most brides will need to adjust the length of their straps. Depending on the strap style (spaghetti, illusion, etc.), costs can vary. Expect a range of $45 – $115 to make this alteration.


Intricate Fit-Related Alterations


Now the that basic fit alterations have been made, a bride may want to show off a bit more of her shape and adjust any unwanted gapping or folding of fabric. This can be accomplished by making a more intricate fit-related alteration to her gown. Some examples of the most common more intricate fit-related alterations and the cost to alter are:


 Princess Seams – Adjusting the seams in the front or the back of the gown. This alteration is great for those wishing to show off their bottom (via the back princess seams) or further enhance the curvature at the under-bust region (via the front princess seams). Not every gown has princess seams, and this alteration is not necessary for the gown to fit, but many brides choose to take in the princess seams to achieve the desired look. Costs can typically range from $160 – $350 per pair of princess seams altered.


Bust Dart – Taking in the bust cup to achieve a more custom fit. This alteration is useful when the bust is gapping at the top or side. It involves creating a seam (typically camouflaged by lace and/or beading) in the bust to reduce the cup size. Again, this alteration is not necessary but can be done in order to allow for a more couture fit. Costs are typically between $150 – $300.


Waist-length – Shortening the length of the bodice to fit a shorter torso. Adjusting the waistline on your gown can be desirable depending on the bride’s height and body proportions. Most gowns have an intended area of the gown that is meant to land on the bride’s waist, so when a bride’s overall height or torso is shorter than the waistline on her dress we can adjust the waistline to shorten it according to the bride’s shape. Many gowns have the option to shorten the waistline, and although it is not a necessary alteration for the gown to fit properly it is often desired by brides looking for a custom fit. Prices range but can be anywhere from $250 – $400


Custom Gown Modifications


Aside from fit-related changes, Miosa Bride’s team of couture seamstresses are also able to make custom gown modifications to your gown. This can be something simple such as adding off-the-shoulder straps to a strapless gown, or it can be something more complex and involve adding an illusion neckline and full sleeves to a strapless gown. Regardless of the change, these customizations will alter the design and look of your gown and make it your gown. Custom modifications vary widely and are difficult to estimate. Please meet with a member of our team to get a better idea of what costs are associated with your gowns modifications.


Please plan to bring your wedding shoes with you to all fittings. We are unable to do your hem (alter the length of your gown) unless you have your exact wedding shoes with you. You will also need to bring any other undergarments that you wish to wear under your gown.

That’s absolutely no problem! We do not require alterations to be done with us. If you choose to get your gown pinned by our seamstress and then later choose not to move forward with the alterations you will be responsible for paying a $75 pinning fee. If you would like a general quote of alteration costs prior to being pinned, please let us know at the beginning of your appointment and we will be happy to provide that to you before you are pinned.


  • You may come in for your next scheduled fitting, try on the gown to see its progress, pay any balances owed, and take your gown home. We can restart alterations at any time once you have determined your new wedding date.

  • If you would prefer to store your gown with us and don’t want to come in for your next scheduled fitting, you may pay off any balances owed and pay to store your gown with us for up to 12 months for a storage fee of $250*

Miosa Bride’s skilled seamstresses have the ability to do custom changes to the fit and design of your wedding dress. Any additional fabric necessary to complete desired customizations must be listed on your special order when ordering your gown.
If you do not see any fabric listed, separately on your order, no fabric will be ordered and you will not have the necessary materials available to use during your fitting. Please contact us immediately if you need fabric that was not ordered during your initial purchase and we will do our best to accommodate, time allowing.

Will My Dress Still Fit?


The wedding planning process can be stressful on some brides! Therefore, it is common for brides to experience a change in their size and shape from the time they purchased their dress which causes the dress to fit differently than expected. Also keep in mind that certain physical activities can cause unwanted changes in dress fit (i.e. doing squats can cause the butt/hip area of your gown to be more snug than desired) so keep an eye on your measurements to avoid any unwanted issues during the alteration process. If you are intentionally making a change to your measurements, please keep in mind that you should be at a maintainable set of measurements at the time you start your alterations.


That being said, your gown can be altered to fit your new shape, within reason. All gowns have a small amount of seam allowance, which essentially allows for your gown to be let out a particular amount if your measurements have grown since you were measured at time of purchase. We can also take your gown in if your measurements have gotten smaller, but depending on how much your measurements have changed, we may need to take in multiple seams (side seams, front princess seams, back princess seams) in order to uphold the integrity of the gown’s construction and intended look.

If I start my alterations close to my wedding date?


Alterations should begin 3-5 months prior to the wedding. Rush fees are applied to any alterations beginning two months or closer to your wedding date. Ranges are listed below but may cost more or less depending on the amount of work/customizations requested by the bride:

  • 6-8 Weeks from wedding date – $50-100
  • 3-5 Weeks from wedding date – $100-150
  • 1-2 Weeks from wedding date – $150-300

You can scheduled your fittings as early as you’d like, but we suggest calling at least 6 months before your wedding to get them on the schedule! We book up in advance, so the sooner you book them the more likely you are to get the time and day that is best for you.


It depends when your alterations begin, but if you start your alterations 4-5 months prior to your wedding date your gown will likely be ready to take home 2 weeks before your wedding.

Congratulations! We know you love your gown, so we do everything we can to allow you to wear it on your wedding day. Depending on the fit and detailing of your gown, there are a few things we can do that gives you the option to wear it while pregnant. In certain circumstances the necessary changes may not be possible in which case we would work with you to find a new option!